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Hi There Sugar Lifers and welcome back to another Sugar Life blog post.

Lately I have been seeing a lot of crazy fun yummy huge milkshakes popping up all over the place from my favorite ice cream shop to my favorite burger shop. Milkshakes is one of my favorite ways to enjoy ice cream. I love adding different candies, cookies, or mixing different flavors together there are endless options of to reinvent the classic milkshake.

Today Sugar Lifers I want to show you the basics of how to make a "MEGA CANDY MILKSHAKE A.K.A SUGARSHAKE"

1.) Select your cup

Depending on the milkshake cups you have can affect the milkshake cup. We suggest to use a taller cup, we use a 20 oz. clear plastic cup. You can alway color things up to make things more fun with some colorful, cups, just make sure they have a wide enough base or that will be sturdy enough to hold the extra toppings.

2.) Select a milkshake flavor

The flavor of the milkshake is super important because it will determine the theme of the whole "MEGA SUGARShake". Some options could be Peanut Butter & Chocolate, Strawberry, Sweet & Sour, Mint Chocolate, or maybe it is Carmel. Depending on the flavor of the milkshake will determine what toppings will go well.

3.) Sauce up your cup

Depending on your SUGARSHAKE flavor you want to base to sauce to help bring you shake to another level. some basic options to sauce up your milkshake are chocolate sauce, caramel or strawberry sauce. But you don't have to stay in your comfort zone you can find some crazy dessert topping that will bring you shake to another level. We have tried blackberry, kiwi, and even mango. What ever topping you choose to sauce up you cup don't be shy, squeeze some all around you cup before you pour the milkshake in, and don't forget to topp you shake when your done.

4.) Top the shake off

Start by decorating the rim of the shake! Coat the rim in a peanut butter, chocolate, Carmel, or frosting. Then roll the rim in crushed up small pieces of a delicious treat whether it be pretzels, Oreos, Sprinkles, sour patch kids or M&Ms to name a few! Then add a large treat on top such as a cupcake, cookie, a slice of cake, brownies or a donut can be a fun extra for on top!

Next add some height, skewers can be great for this step. Skewer some cookies, fruits, candy bars, marshmallows, or sour candies. Some things that don’t need skewers but that could add some height are giant lollipops, Cookie Wafers, or waffle cones. Once you’ve added all that, top the shake off with some whipped cream or a yummy sauce to drizzle overtop.

And viola, you now know how to make a "MEGA CANDY SUGARSHAKE! Test out a variety of flavors and toppings see what look and taste the best!

Make sure you share with us you own "MEGA CANDY SUAGRSHAKE" by hashtagging #SugarSHAKE on your social media pages, and tag @SUGARLIFECANDY

Have a sweet day,

Mr. Sugar

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