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Hi there Sugar Lifers, let me introduce myself as "Mr. Sugar", I would like to welcome you to my first post for the "Sugar Blog" were we will be talking about everything Sugar Life related. We like to consider our "Sugar Life" stores as a new generation of, Willy Wonka's Candy factory. If you are in Myrtle beach make sure you stop by our locations. Where you can find endless variety of candy to enjoy, 32 different flavors of dipped ice cream, ice pops, gelato pops, and much much more!

Let's get back to the "Sugar Blog" were I will be posting about some recipes of all types of baked goods, too the newest candy and ice cream flavors that are available at our locations and even online. I am very excited about this blog as am able to share with you the "Sugar Lifers" all the crazy new and fun things and everything Sugar related.

Have A Sweet Day,

Mr. Sugar

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