Raindrops Gummy Donut

Raindrops Gummy Donut


A super cute donut made with gummy candies shaped like a raised or cake bun and frosting, with sprinkles on top. 15 gummies per doughnut. AN EDIBLE ADVENTURE: Yummy novelty candy that not only tastes great, but is super fun to eat. Comes in a clear plastic container to keep it fresh. 100 calories per serving, 4 servings per bunch. SATISFY YOUR SWEET TOOTH: The gummy donut offers an assortment of fruit candy to enjoy. The donut includes colorful and tasty fruit gummies in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures. Makes a great novelty gift! SAVE IT FOR LATER: Can’t eat it all at once? No problem - just put the remaining gummies back in the container and snap it closed. Great for birthdays, parties, holidays or celebrations.



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